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My offer

Counseling and therapy for individuals

  • Burnout

  • Crisis support

  • Conflicts in relationships

  • Mental stress

  • Stress, excessive demands

  • Strengthening and relief for relatives of mentally ill people

  • Personality development

  • Strengthening of self-esteem

  • Recognizing behavioral patterns

  • Changing negative beliefs

  • Exploring new options for acting in challenging moments

Couples counseling

  • Recurring arguments and conflicts

  • Separation thoughts

  • Cheating

  • Loss of trust

  • Parenthood

  • Open relationships

  • Life crises

  • Estrangement

  • Want to get closer again

  • Need for personal development

  • Dissolving stuck patterns of behavior

  • Improvement of common communication

  • Increase relationship quality

  • Identifying relationship needs

  • Reflecting on your own relationship dynamics

Counseling and therapy for mothers

  • Overload

  • Exhaustion

  • Feeling of external determination and self-sacrifice

  • Stress

  • Own needs have no more room

  • Conflictual themes of one's own childhood come up through being a mother

  • Reflection on the relationship with adult children

  • Change in the relationship with their own children due to moving out of the parental home

  • Discrepancy between demands and personal experience of motherhood

  • Return to work after parental leave and associated questions about needs and strengths

  • Strengthening the role of mother

  • Achieving contentment and serenity in everyday life

  • Solving challenges

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